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Jens Lekman - I Know What Love Isn't
10 EUR
CD album

Available on CD, iTunes and Spotify.

The new master piece from Kortedala's suavest, the true genius of Scandinavian indie crooning, the uniquely literary pop man from the west coast of every continent.

"'I Know What Love Isn't' is my debut album. After spending a decade making records of loosely connected stories and sounds I finally made an album with one story instead of ten. A story that is not new, but essentially human. The story of the grey areas of love that you have to excavate and explore, using the process of elimination, to maybe not find out what love is, but at least get a bit closer." Jens Lekman

Super limited edition of 500 picture vinyl LP:s.
Available still on CD.

"Every Little Hair Knows Your Name" - 1:26
"Erica America" - 3:56
"Become Someone Else's" - 4:24
"Some Dandruff On Your Shoulder"- 3:41
"She Just Don't Want To Be With You Anymore" - 3:53
"I Want A Pair Of Cowboy Boots" - 2:57
"The World Moves On" - 6:11
"The End Of The World Is Bigger Than Love" - 4:41
"I Know What Love Isn't" - 3:34
"Every Little Hair Knows Your Name" - 3:17