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Jens Lekman - Julie

The "Julie Rmx" reminds me of Wayne Wonder´s summer smash "No Letting Go" with it´s charictaristic percussion. Strange, I know.

"...Anti-War..." is kind of a sequel to "...Riots?" from the album. This time Eros´ arrows hits Jens in a demonstration against USA´s war in Iraq. Pure pop close to "Black Cab" musically.

"...Hammer Hill" is a romantiziced look-back on Jens´young life in the Göteborgian suburbs. Contains samples from a bootleg someone made of Jens´gig in the unofficial mini-festival on the camping of the small Emmaboda festival. A nice guesture to his early fans? Genius.

”A Man Walks Into a Bar” prooves again who´s the nation´s funniest and most clever text writer.

ARTWORK: Rasmus Hägg and Jens Lekman

"Julie" (Remix) — 3:02
"I Saw Her in the Anti-War Demonstration" — 3:11
"A Sweet Summers Night on Hammer Hill" — 3:27
"A Man Walks into a Bar" — 4:22
"Another Sweet Summers Night on Hammer Hill" — 5:39
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