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Jens Lekman - Rocky Dennis in Heaven

This limited edition (2.200) Ep is Jens Lekman´s farewell to his alias Rocky Dennis. The first track probably is the reason Jens involuntarely got his alias from the start, as someone a long time ago mistook the name in the title for the artist´s. But it actually was the name of the severely disfigured boy Rocky Dennis and the song is the story about him and his beloved blind girlfriend, in the form of a farewell letter as imagined by Jens. A movie called "Mask" based on their true story was filmed in 1985, starring Eric Stoltz and Cher.
The Ep? It sold out before it´s release.

Rocky Dennis' Farewell Song to the Blind Girl
Rocky Dennis in Heaven
Jens Lekman's Farewell Song to Rocky Dennis
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