Lake Heartbeat - Trust In Numbers - 0
Lake Heartbeat - Trust In Numbers
10 EUR
CD album
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Well I wrote you that song a long time ago
It was all I could do to try to let you know
But the metaphores might have come in the way
Of the things I was really trying to say

TRACKLIST: 1. Mystery 2. Pipedream 3. Southbound 4. Solid Mass 5. Build the Wall Up 6. Blue Planet 7. Golden Chain 8. Making Conversation 9. Between Dreams 10. Let It Die

PHOTO: Ola Borgström/Service

ARTWORK: Ola Borgström

RECORDED BY: Recorded by LHB. Mixed by D Lissvik. 1,4,6 produced by D Lissvik. Metaproduced by Ola Borgstrom.